In the latest Onboard System release, AIRDAT has focussed on the airport vehicle permitting process to get you where you need to faster, and in fewer clicks, your vehicle is permitted and on its way.

With AIRDATs Onboard system, airport vehicle permitting is as easy as
Add, Apply, Approve, Print, Re-Permit!

Add – your vehicle/equipment
Click here to learn more about adding vehicle/equipment.

Apply – for a vehicle permit
Click here to learn more about applying for a vehicle permit.

Approve – the Airport review and approve your application
Click here to learn more about approving a vehicle permit application.

Permit Application

Print – an instant vehicle permit
Click here to learn more about printing a vehicle permit.

Re-permit – just one click to renew
Click here to learn more about re-permitting an expiring vehicle permit.

Do you have a question about the process or need a hand? Check out our support articles here or let our support team know at [email protected]. AIRDAT sets itself apart from its competitors by the level of support provided during and following the installation of any of its products. We take a huge amount of care to ensure there are no problems with our software, but we also know this is the real world. When problems or issues do occur, it is how we deal with it that counts.

Making your day, faster!