Airfield Operational departments around the world are becoming the heroes of the airport. 

Most airports first come across AIRDATs Passport system to meet the many requirements for airside driving. They get excited about a system that can do it all – train using multiple methods, generate driving permits and certificates, give stakeholder companies a tool to manage their own staff training at the airport, a driver penalty system with an app, reporting, heat maps – we could go on and on! 

Once the airside driving scheme has been implemented, other airport departments start seeing opportunities in Passport to make their day easier, smarter!

Each airport department needs to ensure their teams and (where relevant) their stakeholders are trained and competent to carry out their tasks. The AIRDAT Passport system provides the platform for airports and stakeholder companies to manage their staff training with complete oversight, reporting and penalty trend analysis.

Here are some non-airfield departments training and processes currently in Passport:

  • Airbridge driver training, permits and penalties
  • Fire-warden training
  • Security Pass Induction training
  • GSAT
  • ORAT training
  • Airside Safety Awareness training
  • Contractor induction
  • Asbestos awareness
  • Winter Operations Training
  • Specialist Vehicles training
  • Airport emergency evacuation training and drill coordination

In fact, AIRDAT Passport currently manages hundreds of assessment types for airports around the world that are non-driving related!

And as airport stakeholders careers grow from role to role and change from company to company, they build and take with them their training and compliance ‘passport’!

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