AIRDAT has joined the voice of the Australian Airports Association to support the growth and secure the future of Australian airports.

AIRDAT is now a household name at some of Australia’s largest airports. Melbourne, Sydney and Perth Airports are using AIRDAT cloud-based solutions for airside assurance, airside training, fleet permitting and more.

Formed in 2006, AIRDAT was created specifically to assist with the improvement of the Airside Driving Scheme at Gatwick Airport in the UK. Since those early beginnings, the company has grown significantly as have its products and services, but their simple ethos of making life easier, and the airport environment better still runs deep.

To support their Australian clients, AIRDAT has joined the Australian Airports Association and become active participants in the Australian airport community. As such, AIRDAT is sending a representative to the biannual AAA Ops Swap held at Brisbane Airport in May 2018.

Say G’day to Jennifer at the AAA Ops Swap

Every member of the AIRDAT team has aviation experience. Pilots, ground engineers, aviation doctors, senior airport operations staff and more, make up the specialised group that help to deliver the world’s leading aviation training, assurance and fleet management systems and services.

With over 9 years’ experience working at Melbourne Airport and an active participant in the Australian Aviation industry, Jennifer joined the AIRDAT team after moving to the UK and now looks after several UK airport contracts, as well as those back in Australia and New Zealand.

If you would like Jennifer to get in touch with you while she is down south, please contact [email protected].