It’s not often an idea comes along where everyone benefits, so when it does, you need to shout about it.

For quite some time, on completion of Fire Training, Gatwick Airport has issued out small paper cards that detail important information such as emergency telephone numbers, assembly points and how to respond to an incident.

Helpful as they were, the documents were easily lost or torn, came with a fairly hefty annual print bill, and let’s not talk about the number of trees required in the process! In addition to all of this, with development at the airport moving at breakneck speed, much of the information became out-dated not long after issue.

A solution was required, and Gatwick responded. The EHS information has now been moved to an online, responsive website. Perfect for those on the move with a smartphone, the site delivers all the content you need 24/7 and always fully up to date.

Access the site on a desktop and if you still want a printed version to carry, you can generate one from here (even with fold guides!)

The new site will save:

  • Money that will be re-invested in other health and safety initiatives
  • The environment through zero print consumables
  • And with it’s up to the minute accurate information, possibly lives too!

To view the new site, head to Want to achieve the same? Contact us and let our team help you out.