Identifying and reporting on key incident areas has always been a fairly arduous, inaccurate process. Ten people will describe the same place in ten different ways, meaning that when you come to generate a report on problem areas, they no longer help identify key areas of concern.

Well, no more. AIRDAT has taken the time to integrate their points management system with Google maps. This means that when recording an offence/incident, you open up a map of the airfield and simply click to identify the location.

In the background, your reports begin to write themselves. We overlay the reported issues using a heat map, against a satellite image of your airfield. Compare by overall, scheme or company (with options for many other comparisons, such as time of day or by specific incident type). Visualise your data live, and secure a greater understanding of what is happening on the airfield and where.

Still reporting using text and spreadsheets? It’s the 21st Century! Come and join us, and make your life easier.