Women in Aviation honoured by AIRDAT

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For the last year, AIRDAT has honoured the women at the forefront of Aviation by naming our system updates after them. We recognise and praise their achievements for women and for human-kind. #EachforEqual

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Maude BONNEY (1897-1994)

BONNEY was the first woman to fly solo from Australia to UK. Whilst WW2 interrupted her plans for her round the world flight, BONNEY served on the Women’s Voluntary National Register. After the war, BONNEY became president of the Queenslands branch of  the Australian Women Pilots’ Association.

AIRDAT honoured Maude BONNEY in the June 2019 systems update.

Jaqueline COCHRAN (1906-1980)

COCHRAN was the first woman to break the sound barrier. She is celebrated as wartime head of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). And at the time of her death, no other pilot held more speed, distance, or altitude records in aviation history.

AIRDAT honoured Jaqueline COCHRAN in the August 2019 systems update.

Alys BRYANT (1880–1954)

BRYANT started her career in aviation by responding to an ad in the local paper – “the ultimate in excitement”. BRYANT was the first woman to fly on the Pacific Coast.  She set an altitude record for women, and trained pilots during World War I.

AIRDAT honoured Alys BRYANT in the October 2019 systems update.

Bessie COLEMAN (1892-1926)

COLEMAN was the first person of African-American decent to obtain a pilots licence which she had to move to France and learn French to obtain as schools would not teach an African-American. COLEMAN was an advocate for African-American rights and fought for equality.

AIRDAT honoured Bessie COLEMAN in the November 2019 systems update.



Harriet QUIMBY (1875-1912)

QUIMBY was the first woman to obtain a US pilots licence. QUIMBY was the first woman to fly the English Channel and also wrote seven Hollywood silent films.

AIRDAT honoured Harriet QUIMBY in the December 2019 systems update.

Sheila SCOTT (1922-1988)

SCOTT broke over 100 Aviation records between 1965 and 1972 and was the first person to fly over the north pole in a small aircraft.

SCOTT was the founder and the first governor for the British branch an association for licensed women pilots (Ninety-Nines).

AIRDAT honoured Sheila SCOTT in the January 2020 systems update.

Amelia EARHART (1897-1937)



EARHART was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and was instrumental in the formation of The Ninety-Nines, an organisation for female pilots. EARHART was among the first aviators to promote commercial air travel.

AIRDAT honoured Amelia Earhart in the March 2020 systems update.


of women globally are airline pilots*

↓ 6%

of women hold senior executive level positions in airline companies


of women work in the manufacturing of aircraft and spacecraft

Women in Aviation honoured by AIRDAT

"When many of the women aviators that AIRDAT honoured over the past year achieved their amazing feats of endurance, skill and bravery the world was a very different, unequal place for many. Although I would like to think that we are in a better place today, there is still so much more to achieve."

Rupert Willis, AIRDAT Business Manager

Women in Aviation honoured by AIRDAT

"I hope my two daughters will grow up in a society that is fair and equal to women"

Christopher Hobbis, AIRDAT Digital Development Director

Women in Aviation honoured by AIRDAT

"We can make a real difference by accepting differences and strive for gender fairness"

Chris Lane, AIRDAT Software Developer

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Together we can create a gender equal world.

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