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The journey to Easier, Quicker, Better!

Our Development Story


Why we did it

We are constantly evolving. Our goal with Onboard was to introduce new features & a design that was cleaner, more flexible, focussed…and easier for you to use, so tasks could be completed in less time.  The look, feel and function needed to be aligned with our other products for a seamless, fully integrated experienced. 


What we did

We listened.  To our airport customers, our applicants, our support team, our developers & our designers.  We made applications slicker and our filters & views more focussed. Dashboards, navigation and support have all been improved, meaning you can find the information you need more quickly, and act on it.  We added more flexibility and control too. Airports can now create, edit and manage their own Airport and Vehicle Permit Applications in a simple to use, drag and drop interface. 


Whats next?

 Airports and technology change and so do we. We will continue to improve current features and add new ones, and the new Onboard framework gives us the perfect platform to build on for the future.  So, stay tuned for more ‘new’, coming soon, and let us know what you need! 

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