A brief history

Formed in 2006, AIRDAT was created specifically to assist with the improvement of the Airside Driving Scheme at Gatwick Airport in the UK. Since those early beginnings, the team has grown and the products and services updated, but that simple ethos of making life easier and the airport environment better, still runs deep.

Every member of the AIRDAT Team has aviation experience. Pilots, ground engineers, aviation doctor's, senior airport operations staff and more, make up the specialised group that help to deliver the world's leading aviation training, assurance and fleet management systems and services.

We are problem solvers. We like to take the laborious and complex and make it simple and quick. What can we do for you?

Our Ethos

Industry Leaders

We push boundaries, developing and progressing products & services we believe in.

Always Learning

Things change quickly and there are always ways to make things better. We relish this.

For the Love

Everyone on the team loves aviation and the prospect of making a difference.

Photo of Charles
Charles Cardwell Managing Director
Photo of Dave
Dave Perry Head of Training
Photo of Rupert
Rupert Willis Business Manager
Photo of Chris
Chris Williamson Hobbis Lead Developer
Photo of Alex
Alex Davies Creative Lead
Photo of Megan
Megan Gilligan Creative Team
Photo of Megan
Andy Blake Developer
Photo of Narcisa
Narcisa Rodrigues Gatwick Base Manager
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Chris Harvey Luton Base Manager
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Mick Dovey Technical Training
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Melissa Darby Accounts Manager
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Rebecca Rawlings Onboard Manager
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Mick Skam Gatwick Trainer