Consultancy & Ancillary Services

Consultancy Overview

The AIRDAT Team is made up of a collection of highly experienced aviation professionals who like a challenge. We work on small tasks such as the creation of course material and 3D animations, right through to bigger projects, such as full bespoke systems builds and largescale onsite training delivery.

We are the team that created world leading aviation course materials, delivered training to over 20,000 stakeholders within 6 months for a new terminal opening, and made airside drivers 3 times less likely to be involved in an incident or accident. What can we do for you?

Key Services

System & app build

Need a bespoke solution? We have the team and experience within our own inhouse systems team to deliver. Whether on the desktop, or as a native mobile application, if its aviation based, we can help.

Training material

We create world leading training material for some of the biggest airport operators around the globe. From concept to storyboard and through to delivery, our training and production team will ensure it hits the mark.


Specialist projects require special people. Whether it’s from our own in house team, or from our database of 31,000 aviation professionals, we can help find the right person for your project.

Billing services

Want to monetize schemes but don’t have the back office support required to cover the billing aspect? We can help. We collect over £1.2m of training and permit charges for our clients, minimising administration.

Production services

These are the guys that bring it all together. Pictures, graphics, videos, music, text, 3D models – multiple elements that when put together well can deliver some of the most engaging material around. We have them in house.


Need assistance in building your eLearning material? Or a platform to distribute and track your courses? The AIRDAT Team can help with all aspects when looking to deliver learning via this method.

Integrated Partners


We let airports know the skills pool available on site at any one point in time by handler.


Automating registration, training records and billing with Gemsoft7's Flexible Work Authorisation and Permit to Work Compliance System.


Want to create eLearning courses using the world's leading cloud/browser based editor? Authoring, distributing, updating and billing are now covered.


World leading card processing service ADVAM enables seamless card payments for all of your training, permit and assurance scheme charging.

Learning Seat

Online compliance and training solutions across Australia and New Zealand including a course library which contains more than 300 courses.


Powerful accounting software for companies. Connect AIRDAT via Paperless Invoicing for seamless end to end billing.


AIRDAT onboard links NZTA Motor Vehicle Register to quickly match licence plate info to vehicle data.


Need to take card payments? Look no further than Stripe.

Amazon Web Services

Leveraging the benefits of the world's number one cloud services provider.

AIRDAT Passport/Onboard

Data is passed between both systems to ensure only verified companies are able to operate.


Sending billing data to an easy to use, powerful accounts management package.


Pulling back address and company information and using mapping to allow for precise incident reporting and analysis.


Build online feedback forms and link to assessments within AIRDAT Passport.


AIRDAT onboard links with UK DVLA records to quickly match licence plate info to vehicle data.


Our app pulls data from AIRDAT Passport to allow mobile onsite audits and an individual experience.

Want the right people, a smooth project, the complete solution?

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