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Working at Gatwick help site launched today

A new site to help new and existing companies coming to and working at Gatwick Airport was launched today.  www.workingatgatwick.com aims to outline the core processes in place at the airport, including joining the Gatwick ID scheme for the issue security passes, gaining access to the Permit to Work (P2W) system, used to approve work on site, and making applications to operate vehicles airside.

All of these processes are split over different departments and external suppliers, including the GAL ID Centre, Engineering, the Contractor Support Centre, as well as AirDAT.  Rather than having to call several different departments to get the basic information required, the Working at Gatwick site consolidates this information in one, easy to access area. 

The site includes essential contact details, downloadable PDF files and videos outlining each (or all) area(s), as well as links to relevant 3rd party providers.  The site will also be updated shortly with useful associated document downloads.   

So if you are new to Gatwick, or need a bit of guidance with a new process, head to www.workingatgatwick.com for the low down!