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AirDAT to manage Gatwick CSC Induction & P2W Training

AirDAT to manage Gatwick CSC Induction & P2W Training

With nearly £1bn being spent on improvements at Gatwick Airport, there is no shortage of contractors working on site to make everything happen in an unbelievable timeframe, whilst producing amazing results.

Being such a huge infrastructure and with so many people, companies and properties affected by every little bit of work completed, there has to be a process in place to manage everything, so it all runs smoothly and more importantly, no one gets hurt! 

This is where the team at the Gatwick Contractor Support Centre get involved.  Dotting i’s and crossing t’s at a ridiculous rate, these are the people that keep the work progressing and the airport functioning.

Part of the remit is to train each and every contractor who comes to work on site at Gatwick (landside or airside) – via a LGW Induction Course.  In addition, for Contractor Managers who deal with the applications for work, they have to be trained on the Permit to Work (P2W) – an online system that sits behind every job.

To help with the massive demand on the centre, bookings for both course types have moved online to AirDAT, allowing 24hr access for companies to manage their courses.  In addition, candidates sit an online test on the day through the system, and these results are then stored for review by both the airport and the contractor managers, and re-training reminder emails primed (as well as an easy to use competency reporting area for contractor managers)

In addition, all the test data is exported to the P2W system, achieving a seamless integration between the two systems, whilst enjoying the benefits of both.

If you are a contactor, or a contractor manager looking to book training, more information can be found at www.cscbookings.com

If you have a similar situation within your operation, AirDAT can provide a tailored solution for you too!  Just click to contact us.